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Meet our founder

Jason Warner, is the Founder and Executive Director of "S.A.F.E. (Safe, Affirming, Family Environment).  After coming out at the age of 22 Jason found himself homeless. Over the years Jason held a vision to begin a non-profit that would help prevent other young people from experiencing homelessness.

Jason is part of the duo "Jason & deMarco". Over the years and through his travels, Jason has shared about the numbers of foster children in the system and the need to place these children in safe and affirming foster homes while preparing those aging out of foster care for independent living. 


Founder and Executive Director
Jason Warner, Franklin, TN

Director Emeritus and Treasurer
Richard Bartell, Houston, TX

Chair of the Board
Amy Law, Franklin, TN: Director of Community Management

Chair Elect
deMarco DeCiccio, Franklin, TN: Management and Hospitality

Board of Directors
Julie Alexander, Nashville, TN: Director of Education and Training

Julie Sutton, Franklin, TN: Turner & Townsend Inc
Carrie Hurst, Fairview, TN: Professor at Tennessee State University
Amy O'Donnell, Fairview, TN: Commercial Real Estate Agent
Laura Dahl, Franklin, TN: Real Estate Broker
Jenny Reimold, Franklin TN: Publicist/Educator
Perri Suggett, Franklin TN: Salesforce

Advisory Board:
Morgan Sauer, Little Rock, AR: Physician
Ricky Melton, Birmingham, AL: Consultant